Roy's Place has been serving over 200 sandwiches since 1955!


Our sandwiches are complex and made from the finest ingredients.  To ensure top flavor and freshness, they’re made to order-none is made up ahead, this takes time.  Come here with a pleasant companion, have a drink, beer or two, and unwind while the sandwich of your choice is assembled for you.  We’re not a fast-food outlet.  People who must eat on the run will not be happy here.  People who enjoy real food and are willing to wait for it are our kind of customers!  

 People want to know the history of Roy's Place!

 It started out in Rockville in mid August 1955, where I had two locations. The first location was the in the old Cochran Hotel which burned out. In the late 1950’s I moved across the street to the other side of Old Montgomery Avenue.  

The first place was completely rowdy; the second only half rowdy because I developed a nice lunch business with the people from the county and courthouse. We were given notice by the city to scat in 1968 because they were going to urban their renewal. By 1970 we started construction on the present location. 

I bought the property with an old, early 1900’s house on it that was full of fleas. We didn’t keep any of them after we tore it down.  We modeled the building on the Point of Rock’s railroad station. We opened January 1, 1971.  The bank sign came off of the old Montgomery Bank in Rockville. Point of interest: When the footings were dug, a tremendous amount of shards of 18th century china were buried in the dirt and one of my sons found among the debris an empty whiskey bottle from the early 19th century. There was supposed to have been an old tavern on the lot. 

Another answer to a question often asked. Is Roy dead or Alive? I’ll always be alive in the hearts of those that I knew and loved. And all of those who have kept Roy’s Place alive with their continued support and patronage.  At age 87 I was taken to sandwich heaven (of course there is one!).

Enjoy Roy's Place! 

-Roy Passin